Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Giving Is Growing

Indians since time immemorial have believed in giving , be it in kind or in terms of financial assistance. People have come up a long way moving from charity to philanthropy. Families and individuals are moving from a more traditional model, from large-scale gifts to schools, colleges and hospitals, to a more hands-on model of giving. It is more planned and done in a more professional way now . The mindset of leaving all behind for the next generation is also changing . Now the entrepreneurs are building trusts and happily pledging part of their wealth to charity. The movement is on and the day when India will be a super power in terms of both economic and philanthropic en devours is not very far. As per a 2010 study philanthropic donations in India amount to 0.6% of GDP vis-a vis 2.2% of GDP in U.S. To know more about this go on to the following link.

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